Friday, 2 December 2016

Water Experiment

This was made by Dezarae, Juliet, Htet Htet and Me. If you click there names you go to there blog. This gives you some cool and awesome ideas for water experiments. If you try them comment down below.  😀

Monday, 28 November 2016

Water cycle

This video is about the water cycle and how it works. Its all about matter as well. As you watch the video you will learn heaps more about the water cycle and the three main states of matter. But what some people don't tell you is that there are really four states of matter. That last one is plasma. Its not talked about often.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Chemical VS Physical Change.

This is about Chemical and Physical Change. It was pretty easy but I had hard point at it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Extension Practice for Writing Test!!! :)


Rosie was eating breakfast when a news bulletin came on. “Breaking News!” Said the reporter, “We have some information that killer clowns are loose in the town of…” On the screen it said “We are having Some technical difficulties please stand by.” Rosie called to her father (His name was James) “ Popa, can you come down here a minute?” James made his way downstairs to see what was wrong. “What's wrong my sugar plum?” Asked James, “ The lady on the TV said there were killer clowns!!” Answered Rosie. “Where, did she say where Rosie?” “No, Popa. It cut out, look at the screen.” James look concerned at the screen. He look at Rosie, he had closed his eyes. Rosie had joined him in silence.
James look at Rosie and uttered “I will walk you to school, But I want you to take a knife.” “Yes Papa!” Rosie agreed with James. James knew he couldn’t do anything on the way home because he had to work. He walked to school with Rosie in silence. Rosie wanted to say something, but she changed her mind. When they arrived only three students were in class. (Their names were Jude, Johann and Jean. All boys.) Jean was Rosie’s best friend. They did everything together. Miss Mulligan called James outside
“ Did you hear about the clowns?” “Yes.” Replied James. “It's a shame that it's in our little town.” “WHAT!!” Shouted James in disbelief. “Did you not know? I'm very sorry i’m breaking the news to you, The news reporter is my sister she called me this morning before her broadcast and told me about it. Luckily me and the boys were already here preparing school. I had calls from the parents telling me they were not coming, I told them it was OK because they need to stay hidden.” “Ok, thanks for that Shirley.” (Shirley was Miss Mulligan's first name, all the parents called her by that name)
James walked inside and Rosie had gone. The backdoor was wide opened and two of the boys had gone too! Jude had sat behind the desk quietly crying. “Shirley, get in here!!” Yelled James. “Are you OK Jude?” Jude Replied with “I’m OK, But the clowns took them” Shirley had ran in when she saw no one was with them and the  kids were gone, she started to cry. Shirley paced the floor, she stopped and looked at James weirdly. She said “Who are you talking to James?” “Your son, Jude.” James answered  “Jude tell us what happened??” Shirley asked politely “Ok mum, I sat behind the desk because I was cold. Johann was playing a game with Rosie and Jean. The next time I look up the door was wide-opened and there was this note.” The note read “ Your kids will be fine, just as long as you do as we command, call this number if you wish to obey our commands.” Panicked faced, Shirley had dialled 111. They told the operator the story and gave them the number.
James had slept over at the school with Shirley and Jude. The next day, Shirley had got a call that the kids were safe and sound. James woke up to the excitement in Shirley's voice. “Are the kids alright?” Asked James. “Yes, we can go to the station and pick them up right now.” “Let's Go” Said James. When they arrived at the station Rosie, Jean and Johann ran up to give them all a hug. Everything turned out good in the end. The clowns were imprisoned. THE END

Monday, 17 October 2016


This is my maths task. Mrs Nua gave it to me. To get ready for our test! :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


First week back. Im finished My maths!! It was pretty easy but I need a little help and Mrs Ilaoa helped me!! :)